Over the last decade, a collection of artists has been changing the format of art exhibitions.

First for Art has a core membership of nine artists who exhibit together on a regular basis. By promoting their own work in an organised group, artists can tailor exhibitions to suit their needs. The group was originally founded to support a young artist with Asperger’s, who did not quite ‘fit the mould’ for many organisations. So, he took the brave step to host his own exhibition, in association with selected professional artists who were keen to assist with his new venture.

First for Art is an inclusive exhibition group, created to ensure all types of art can be displayed in our exhibitions. Many of our artists are professional painters, trying a different style from the norm. We do not pre-judge the art. We simply assist other artists in their creative journey. By encouraging, sharing, and supporting each other, we find the art on exhibition is eclectic, well-priced, and presented to a high standard.

Since we began, numerous artists have showcased their work and taken their first steps to exhibit via the group, and in 2017 photography was introduced to our art exhibitions, embracing talented individuals who capture art with a camera. First for Art now organises a series of exhibitions to promote and include new art. We hope you find something to make you smile.

As a group we are able to secure venues at a more economical cost, which affords each artist the space to showcase their work in a balanced setting, accounting for all costs prior to when the exhibition begins. Art is sold commission-free, which means the artists don’t inflate their prices to cover an additional expense. Buyers pay the price set by the individual artists themselves. With a selection of prints and cards available, based on the artists’ original works, we try to offer a range of more affordable items to our exhibition visitors.